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Application of artificial intelligence and reliability engineering in productivity improvement in oil, gas and mining operations.

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Engineering and technology developer company.

We are focussed on designing and implementing PRACTICAL digital applications for the industry, supported on Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Practices and Visualization, to improve operating costs and enrich decision making.

  • We have experience on applications for Mining, Oil & Gas production, Pipelines and LNG sectors, working for large operations in countries as UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, and Colombia.
  • Our services cover from configuring effective Asset Integrity, Reliability, Operations, Maintenance and Integrated Planning systems and integrating them with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.
  • Training the client work force on how to create value out of this powerful combination of data , technology and expertise, is another key service in our portfolio.
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Our Products

We have three areas of work that can be implemented in a standalone manner, or integrated, depending upon the needs of the client.


Asset Management Optimization Process.

This is an architecture that incorporates 12 proved successful subprocesses, assembled in an interdependent arrangement, and each subprocess is configured to support sound process safety, humans safety and productivity, all oriented to provide necessary data, to support using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, as part of Integrated Digital Platforms.


Artificial Intelligence, Reliability and Big Data.

This is an integrated software application that comprises algorithms to support Big Data processing, Analytics and Visualization, oriented towards root cause failure analysis, predictions of failure and process deviations and data segmentation for visual analysis.

Digital Twins

Real-time Information regarding Predictions and Prescriptions of Process.

I-Optia's Digital Twins offer enhanced real time information regarding predictions and prescriptions of process deviations, equipment degradation, or failures, in addition to engineering or other process related information.This functionality presents a powerful too to support critical functions on process safety, optimized operations, and decision making. Key information isreadily available to ope-rators, reliability engineers, equipment engineers, managers, and others.

Digital Twins

Artificial Intelligence Supported Supply Chain Management

It is an integrated software application designed to create value out of 9 interdependent subprocesses configured to improve the reliability of SCM, as well as, providing data to support using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, as part of Integrated Digital Platforms.


Our Services

AI & Operations Optimization

Digital Transformation focussed primarily on Value Creation and Cost Effectiveness....!

While technology has powerful capabilities to enable visible increases in revenue by improving Operational Costs, via business data analysis with AI technology, the actual state of physical assets in terms of sensors, data available and operational performance, are in many cases behind the requirements to realize such a full potential.

AI & Asset Management

Digital Transformation & Process Safety

The fundamental objectives of an Asset Management System (AMS), Reliability and Integrity of Safety Critical Elements (SCE) and Productivity Critical Elements (PCE), are improved significantly when applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to performance data, from the Process Control Network (PCN), integrated with data resulting from Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), which needs to be configured with robust Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Programs (ITPM).

AI & Reliability

Ai-RElia-BDt is an effective tool to achieve quick and effective Root Cause Analysis and Predictions...!

Plant data processing with AI technologies enables a holistic approach to investigations of process deviations or equipment failures. These comprehensive analyses quickly reveal Systemic Root Causes (SRC), as well as, typical (in some cases evident) Discreet Root Causes (DRC).

AI & Pipelines

Ai-RElia-BDt is a robust application that enables risk mitigation and energy efficiency improvement in pipeline operations..!

A holistic approach, that covers all process functional blocks, is fundamental for effective risk management, as well as, energy and reliability optimization. IOPTIA products facilitate this approach.

AI & Oil & Gas

I-Optia has experience implementing and integrating Asset Integrity Management Systems with AI for large oil and gas projects...!

Asset Integrity is a critical foundation for Process Safety, Humans Safety, Environment Protection and Productivity. Understanding asset degradation mechanisms is of paramount importance to address Systemic Root Causes (SRC´s) that affect multiple functional blocks and end up causing high impact events.

AI & Metal Benefitiation

In metal beneficiation plants important cost reduction opportunities are captured, via AI analysis of project wide data ...!

Ai-RElia-BDt allows real time monitoring and visualizing of parameters associated to SRC´s, which have strong correlations with the predicted problem. This is key to identify prescriptive actions to avoid or mitigate occurrence of asset degradation events.

AI & Mining

Heavy machinery operating costs are improved using AI + Engineering analysis over a holistic data matrix ...!

Ai-RElia-BDt allows real time monitoring and visualizing of parameters which have strong correlations with engine degradation. This is key to identify prescriptive actions to mitigate engine degradation. This lead to less fuel consumption, less emissions and better availability over the entire fleet.

A Route Map 4 Digital Transformation

I-Optia products are oriented to early projects, which permit quick gains, while setting up a foundation for wider Digital Transformation...!

Early projects focussed, on immediate high impact operational challenges, permit achieving visible savings to demonstrate tangible benefits of using the technology. This is key for gaining management and workforce commitment.

Application of artificial intelligence and reliability engineering in productivity improvement in oil, gas and mining operations.

Integrated AI+Reliability are a powerful resource to reduce operating costs, improve availability and productivity of industrial plants.

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Digital Transformation focussed primarily on Value Creation and Cost Effectiveness....!

i-Optia solutions are based on the combination of Big Data Systems, Advanced Analytics and Visualization technologies, with expertise on Process, Reliability, Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Engineering, to capture early wins, as well as, developing a route map for Digital Transformation focussed primarily on Value Creation. .

Guillermo Bermudez

CEO & General Manager

Sonia Giraldo

Sales & Marketing Manager

Santiago Bermudez

AI & Robotics Manager

Jose Mauricio Miguez

Data Science Manager

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

IT & Developer Manager

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The foundations for effective Digital Transformation projects are in the business management processes, where data and information are generated.

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Latest News and Lessons Learned

See how early applications of Ai-RELia-BDt have helped to achieve quick wins and better understanding the route map for digital transformation.

How “Ai-Relia-BDt” Helped a Cooper Concentration Plant.

From an initial objective to improve SAG mills energy efficiency to A great opportunity for improving overall plant performance, including energy.

A large hydrometallurgy cooper production plant in South America wanted to improve SAG mills energy efficiency, which was among the top five operating costs. The client decided to conduct a pilot project to deal with this problem and test the capabilities of Ai-Relia-BDt. Process data of ten months of operation, stored in the DCS, were provided for the analyses.

A Route Map 4 Digital Transformation
Improvement in an Offshore Gas & Condensate Field using “Ai-RElia-BDt”

Changing a historic operational paradigm allowed important reductions in platform shutdowns and productivity increase.

A large offshore platform in the Scottish North Sea had suffered chronic non-planned shutdowns, caused by frequent failures in the cooling system, induced by severe vibrations.

The reliability team decided to use Ai-Relia-BDt to explore possible contributing factors to the problem.

A Route Map 4 Digital Transformation
“Ai-RElia-BDt” and Early Gains in a High Pressure Bauxite Refining Plant

Incorporating process data in addition to mechanical parameters revealed true key Root Causes for chronic and premature failures of digestion slurry PD pumps

The problem had affected the installation since start up, and over nearly five years. Previous analyses focussed mostly on the machines, with limited success to correct the failures.

The company reliability team decided to try Artificial Intelligence technology to shed more light over the issues.

Improvements in Mining Heavy Equipment
“Ai-RElia-BDt” & Improvements in Mining Heavy Equipment

Incorporating fuel, lube oil and coolant chemistry data into Big Data matrix for Analytics algorithms allows savings in fuel consumption, increased productivity and engine reliability improvement

The trucks had typical Machine Health Monitoring Systems (MHMS), which collected robust data on engine and electrical system parameters, however this data had not helped to mitigate the problem. Even more, operating practices were closely monitored, and no real value opportunity had been identified in this aspect.

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results.

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