AI & Operations Optimization

Digital Transformation focussed primarily on Value Creation and Cost Effectiveness....!

While technology has powerful capabilities to enable visible increases in revenue by improving Operational Costs, via business data analysis with AI technology, the actual state of physical assets in terms of sensors, data available and operational performance, are in many cases behind the requirements to realize such a full potential .

Many companies are jumping prematurely on full scale technology systems, without due diligence in understanding what are the predominant mechanisms driving process deviation or chronic equipment failures, and what data is required versus what is available, to identify Systemic (SRC) and Discreet Root Causes (DRC), which if resolved could mitigate or even eliminate the problems

Early an cost effective projects using AI technology in combination with engineering practices, enable quick identification of these DRC and SRC, which represent "quick wins" for improvements on plant efficiency, reduction of production losses and downtime as well as reduction of maintenance cost.

These projects also permit better understanding of data and other requirements for future steps in the digital transformation process. They also serve as catalyst for a necessary change in the working culture.

I-Optia solutions are based on the combination of Big Data Systems, Advanced Analytics and Visualization technologies, with expertise on Process, Reliability, Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Engineering, to capture these early wins, as well as, developing a route map for Digital Transformation focussed primarily on Value Creation