AI & Pipelines

Ai-RElia-BDt is a robust application that enables risk mitigation and energy efficiency improvement in pipeline operations..!

A holistic approach, that covers all process functional blocks, is fundamental for effective risk management, as well as, energy and reliability optimization. IOPTIA products facilitate this approach.

Pipeline degradation, due to internal and external corrosion, is a high impact problem for oil, gas, water, slurries and other fluid transportation systems; resulting losses of confinement generate serious risks of fires or explosions, as well as costly repairs, environmental remediations and revenue losses.

In general, Asset Integrity Management strategies rely heavily on monitoring corrosion rates to design multiyear pipeline replacement programs.

Cathodic Protection (CP) and external coatings are used to mitigate external corrosion and Corrosion Inhibitors (CI) are used frequently to mitigate internal corrosion, but their real effectiveness is in many cases questionable.

The suit of IOPTIA products present a powerful tool to explore correlations of chemical components and other parameters with changes in corrosion rates.

More over, prescriptive actions to avoid or mitigate equipment failures or process deviations require, in addition to problem predictions, real time monitoring and visualizing of operating parameters associated to SCR´s, which have strong correlations with the predicted problem.