AI & Oil & Gas

I-Optia has experience implementing and integrating Asset Integrity Management Systems with AI for large oil and gas projects...!

Asset Integrity is a critical foundation for Process Safety, Humans Safety, Environment Protection and Productivity. Understanding asset degradation mechanisms is of paramount importance to address Systemic Root Causes (SRC´s) that affect multiple functional blocks and end up causing high impact events.

In large and complex operations such as refineries, LNG plants and offshore platforms, among others, it is particularly important to use a holistic approach, that incorporates data from all process functional blocks. This allows effective identification of SRC´s, which when corrected lead to significant improvements in asset integrity, as well as, energy, reliability and productivity.

AMOP and Ai-RElia-BDt, two IOPTIA products, facilitate the holistic approach by integrating Process Control Network (PCN) data with Asset Integrity information. These products also allow application of AI for Root Cause Analysis for quick identification of SRC´s.

With Ai-RElia-BDt Predictions of asset degradation events are possible.

More over, Ai-RElia-BDt allows real time monitoring and visualizing of parameters associated to SRC´s, which have strong correlations with the predicted problem. This is key to identify prescriptive actions to avoid or mitigate occurrence of asset degradation events.